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What factors are related to the printing quality of cartons

2020-03-09 00:00

Cartons play a great role in product packaging. In our carton printing, the printing effect of cartons is related to many factors

1) Quality of raw materials

Base paper is the decisive factor to determine the compression strength of carton, which can be seen from kellicutt formula. However, the influence of other conditions in the production process of corrugated board should not be ignored, such as the amount of adhesive, the change of corrugated height, impregnation, coating, composite processing and so on.

2) Moisture

Cartons made of corrugated board with high water content, or stored in a humid environment for a long time, will reduce their compressive strength. Fiber is a kind of fiber with strong water absorption. In the rainy season and when the humidity in the air is high, the relationship between the moisture in the paperboard and the moisture balance of the atmospheric environment is very important.

3) Box type

Box type refers to the type of box and the size proportion of the same type of box, which have a significant impact on the compressive strength. Some cartons are made of double-layer corrugated board, and the compressive strength is significantly higher than that of single-layer boxes of the same specification; Under the same conditions, the higher the box, the worse the stability and the lower the compressive strength.