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What procedures does color printing go through

2020-03-09 00:00

1. Color planning requires a detailed review of the printing method, layout size, subject matter of printed matter, paper or color number of printing, etc. in order to make the production process smooth and become an exquisite color page production.

2. The editing, design and typesetting of color design and production are based on the printing planning, which is the procedure before the production is out of print. At the same time, it is also necessary to arrange the photography and illustration drawing, and contact the cooperating manufacturers to coordinate the travel arrangement between the production, so as to make various elements detailed. According to the first draft of layout planning, the design, photos and illustrations, accurate position and accurate color marks are laid out on the release paper in order or the complete manuscript is processed in the form of electronic manuscript, and the special requirements instructions indicating the special requirements of plate making are clear. This is the homework before plate making. 3. Production output and plate making homework of color printing. After the color page design is completed and enters the plate making, the pictures are scanned and separated by an electronic color splitter, and the words and lines are photographed by a black-and-white camera to rush out the accurate number of screens. The words and illustrations are made up according to the instructions on the release, then the printing homework is carried out, and then the color proofing is printed and sent back to the designer for proofreading.