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We are a "post press" paper processing company, equipped with multiple full open paper cutting machines, horse riding nail machines, line gluing machines, glue passing machines, folding machines, bronzing machines, beer machines, etc., and can independently complete multiple sets of post press processes from beer, bonding, bronzing, silver ironing, mounting, folding, gluing, thread binding, ridge wrapping, yo ring binding, laminating to UV, oil passing, etc. Main business scope: color posters, books and picture albums, product manuals, leaflets, various packaging boxes, clothing tags, portable gift bags, computer carbonless paper sheets, stationery envelopes, forms, carbonless paper sheets, self-adhesive stickers, PVC trademarks, bar codes, labels, silk screen printing and a series of printed materials. It has always been our business philosophy to keep improving products and regard quality as the life of the enterprise. We will make unremitting efforts, continue to pursue, strive to achieve perfection, and provide customers with satisfactory products and services! With "exquisite products and considerate service", the company provides customers with a comprehensive printing service solution, and the product quality and service level have been widely praised!
Shenzhen Lanfeng printing and packaging Co., Ltd. website: Address: No.1 workshop-203, Longxing Industrial Park, junzibu community, Guanlan street, Longhua District, Shenzhen P.O.
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Tel: +86-755-13714677397
Tel: +86-755-28241336


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